Unwind Hotel & Bar

The Lodge-like Hotel.

The charm of a lodge and
the comfort of home in one hotel.

The greatest charm of lodges and cottages
is the distance from the hustle
and bustle of life, as well as the comfort of
being in a place like home.
UNWIND is a lifestyle hotel that creates
the cozy atmosphere with its warm design
and unique features, to unwind not only in
the rooms but in the entire hotel.


Check in


Step into the designer lobby
for your check-in,
surrounded by comforting wood
and brick interiors.

Our originally blended coffee
and wood stove
will warm you
inside and out.

  • Welcome!
  • Hallway

Time to get wined!

You can enjoy our free wine service
in the bar
on the 10th floor every day from 5pm-7pm.

With no charges whatsoever applying,
why don’t you enjoy the sun setting
in the evening sky
with a glass of wine in your hand
before you head out on the town.

  • Time to get wined!

Dinner out

A treasure trove of flavors,
Sapporo is bursting with incredible eateries
with plenty of exquisite options surrounding the hotel,
and in Sapporo's food ,
only waiting to be discovered by you.

While there are no on-site dining facilities,
Our staff will be more than happy
to provide local recommendations.

  • Dinner out

Chill out until bed.

A Moment in Time

Upon your return, we will be waiting for you
in our fire-themed BAR IGNIS.
Take a moment before bed to warm up
among the antique furniture,
fire place, and candles.

Open : 19:30 Close : 23:30 (L.O. 23:00)

Rooftops terraces are hard to
find in Sapporo,
and you won't find any like ours!
Huddle up around the fire, share stories,
and make some unforgettable memories.


In-Room Breakfast

Lodge breakfast in bed

At UNWIND, we offer free in-room
breakfast to all our guests.
Enjoy a lodge-style breakfast in your room
with soup made from local products
only as the main dish.
Breakfast (7:00—9:00)

Check out

Until next time!

Take a cup of hot coffee with you
when you leave to help you brave the cold Sapporo air.
We’re happy to send you off to your next adventure,
and await your return with new stories