Unwind’s YUKATA Night

Here at Unwind Hotel & Bar, we like to share local culture to the World, but also share international culture with Japan ! And in the past we hosted a Mexican event, a Tropical event, etc…

But summer in Japan also means Matsuri!

Matsuri (お祭り)means Festival in Japanese. People gather around shrines with their friends and family, and enjoy markets, games, food, and wear Japanese traditional clothing. And the 16th of June was the last day of the Nakajima Matsuri (2min walk from Unwind), and of the Hokkaido Shrine Matsuri. Which is why it was a pleasure for our staff to welcome you wearing Yukatas and Jinbei. Yukata were also available to rent out for everyone who wanted to unwind the japanese way !

Come and enjoy Hokkaido with us,
We will be waiting for you!