Unwind Gallery Vol.1 “Forest Modeling” by Ryuichi Kobayashi

Mr. Ryuichi Kobayashi, who lives in Sapporo, is the first exhibition of “UNWIND GALLERY”. Mr. Kobayashi, who grew up in a rich natural environment while interacting with plants, expresses animals and nature richly with various techniques.⁠

The theme of this exhibition is “Forest Design”, and through his own filter, he graphically expresses the quiet, sometimes violent beauty and strength of nature, as well as the various forms of life clinging to it. The exhibition will focus on works with motifs of “forest animals (bears, deer, etc.)” and “vegetation”. ⁠
For the technique, he uses a composition of lines and surfaces that he describes as “Sen to Men”.
A single “line”(Sen) moves freely on the paper, and the space created by intersecting it becomes a “surface”(Men). ⁠
Mr. Kobayashi sees the new forms that arise from this as being the same as living beings wandering through time and space, going through twists and turns and drawing their own “pictures (= traces). This technique breathes life into his work. ⁠
Please enjoy the “Forest Design” that colors the white walls of the historic building that is 90 years old.⁠

Mr. Ryuichi Kobayashi Profile

After graduating from Hokkaido Art Design College, specializing in illustration, worked at some advertising production companies before working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Group exhibitions and solo exhibitions are held several times a year as artworks.
Inspired by nature and everyday life, we use various techniques to express motifs that blend comfortably into our daily lives.

“Kobayashi”, a design of miscellaneous goods that incorporates illustrations into “paper” and “cloth” items, is also popular. Member of Hokkaido Illustrators Club Alpha. A member of the Japan Graphic Design Association.



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Ryuichi Kobayashi “Forest Modeling”

・Venue: UNWIND GALLERY on the 1st floor of UNWIND HOTEL&BAR Otaru

・Exhibition period: November 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023

・Admission fee: Free